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Friendly, Professional Watch Repair Services For All Makes And Models

We provide watch repair services here in San Antonio, TX. Our staff are both experienced and skilled in repairing watches, they’re also thoroughly nice people – which is why our very satisfied local customers keep coming back and tell their friends about us.

What Kind Of Repair Services Do You Provide?

Our expert watch repairers can help you with any watch, whether it’s a cuckoo clock or a wrist watch, and whether it’s an entry level watch or a high precision mechanical masterpiece. Here’s a short but extensive list of the kind of repair services that we provide.

Battery Replacement: We replace batteries on all makes and models of watches.
Water Resistance: Whether you’re a regular diver, or just a regular dishwasher, it’s important to have the watertight seals of your watch maintained as they can degrade over time.
Quartz Conversion: We can convert your mechanical watch to a modern battery-driven quartz movement watch
Overhaul: This involves taking apart the watch completely to ultrasonically clean and re-oil.
Lubrication: Many mechanical and automatic watches have hundreds of moving parts, these require lubrication to ensure optimum performance
Restoration: Let us restore your vintage watch (or clock) with the expert attention that you’d expect from a master watch maker/repairer.

Stem & Crown: The little “knob” on the side of your watch and the stem that goes inside it can get broken. Most can be repaired with original parts – ensuring a high quality repair.
Crystal Replacement: The front face of a watch is usually made out of crystal that can get broken or scratched, we can replace this crystal and restore the original beauty and value of your watch.
Bands & Straps: We carry an extensive range of replacement watch bands and straps.

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