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If you decide to purchase a luxury watch, you will also want to make sure you take good care of your watch. Proper care and maintenance of your watch will extend the life of the watch, and ensure that you get your moneys worth. What is the point in spending all that money on a watch if you are not going to take proper care of it.

All watches come with an instruction manual that should include instruction on how to care for your watch. Each watch is different so pay attention to what your watch can and cannot withstand. Refer to your instruction manual to properly set your watch, and to properly take care of it. Some watches may have special instructions that you need to know.

Water Resistant

When purchasing a watch make sure you check to see how water resistance it is. If you plan on wearing your watch while swimming make sure you buy a watch that can withstand these conditions. Waiting until you have exposed your watch to water would not be a good time to check its resistance level. You can purchase watches that are specifically made for diving and swimming.

Salt water can also cause more damage than regular water. Salt water can cause corrosion, so if you plan on being near salt water a lot you may want to check into a watch that can withstand these conditions. If your watch does come in contact with more water than is allowed, be sure to take it to someone to have it looked over. A specialist should be able to tell you the extent of the damage, and if it can be repaired or not.


You should also try to avoid leaving your watch in extreme heat or cold for extended periods of time. If you will be staying in extreme temperatures make sure you purchase a watch that can withstand the circumstances. Extreme heat tends to shorten the battery life of a quartz watch, and extreme cold can cause the watch to stop keeping time accurately.


Another thing to take into consider is how much shock your watch will be in. If you are a runner you may want to either not wear your watch, or purchase one that is capable of withstanding this type of shock. Make sure you check before you buy the watch or wear it running to make sure it will withstand the conditions.

Avoid Contact

You should also try and avoid contact with any chemicals, solvents or gases while wearing your watch. These items may cause discoloration, deterioration, or other damage to your watch. Most watches are also not made to withstand strong electric fields or static electricity. Common household appliances do not pose a threat to your watch however.

After you purchase your watch make sure you take proper care of it. The watch and band should be cleaned by a specialist. You should also take your watch in to a specialist on a regular basis to be serviced. Your manual may have a suggestion as to how often you should do this. Just remember that your watch will last longer if you take proper care of it.

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